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iPhone 5 discontinued as iPhone 5S launches: 8GB iPhone 4S now free option

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iPhone-5-official-02.pngSay goodbye to the iPhone 5, with last year's flagship smartphone from Apple set to be discontinued in the wake of the newly-unveiled iPhone 5S.

To my memory, that's the shortest shelf-life of any iPhone to date. But it's hardly surprising; not only did Apple reveal a new flagship handset tonight, but also a cheaper smartphone in the form of the iPhone 5C. Occupying the cheaper price point that the iPhone 5 would have slipped down into, it also sports similar specs to last year's model, while giving Apple an all-new colourful product to promote at the same time. The iPhone 4 will now also be discontinued, unsurprisingly.

However, the iPhone 4S lives on! For those looking to get in on the Apple-action super cheap, the 8GB iPhone 4S will now become the free option on contracts.

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  • Bob

    Using apples chat thingy earlier i was told the 5c is exactly the same as the 5. The specs are the same! So why make the 5c? Waste of time if you ask me! Should of just brought in the 5s and let the 5 take the 5cs place

  • Dean Anderson

    Yeah and it wouldn't be plastic :)

  • Bob

    It's not discontinued, stop feeding incorrect information to these people. It will still receive support such as new iOS updates and what not, it just won't be sold anymore. It's shelf life may be over, but Apple has in no way abandoned it, and if you bought a 5, you will be able to use that longer than a 4 or 4s as they will stop receiving support 1 or 2 years before the 5, respectively.

  • Dean Anderson

    Yeah I know that it's not my point iv sold every one of my old handsets on eBay an and got a good price for an old good conditions iphone as do many users the better the condition the more money you get 4s can go for 240 250
    Still in mint condition boxed etc i can't see a good return on a phone that's not even being sold anymore already the web is full of sites trying to buy them cheep their value has gone from 293 to 246 over night a lot of people buy an iphone just because its an iphone now your going to get ( yeah but they don't even sell them no more) an so on.

  • Dean Anderson

    Well I bought the iphone 5 as was expecting it to be a lower cost iphone to the 5s when released but would still be a good phone for another year or two and hold a bit of value when it's time to upgrade (as I like to hold back on new iPhones until reviews are in) but now by discontinuing the 5 the value will drop a lot an make it not worth buying second hand so no trade in money like we all got with the 3/3GS 4/4s and for people on contract that keep their phones in cases for the two year contract in the hope of reselling are going to get a surprise in a years time when their contract is up the value of the 5 will drop over night an leave iphone 5 users on two year contract feeling cheated an left to pay another year for a discontinued phone.

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