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PlayStation 4 to launch with PS Vita bundle, set for Gamescom reveal?

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PS4-Vita-Bundle.jpgNow here's a tempting gaming deal if ever we've seen one - a new rumour is suggesting that Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 4 next-gen console will be made avaialble in a bundle that will also include the PS Vita gaming handheld.

Inside Gaming Daily is claiming that a "well-placed anonymous source" has told them that a bundle containing both units will be made available at "the end of the year". Even better is its price, which is thought to be "around $500", which if converted directly into £GBP would be around the £325 mark. Such low pricing while the UK pre-order price for the PS4 is currently hovering around the £350 mark is unlikely, but even if it pushed up to £400 or £450, it'd still be a compelling deal considering the PS Vita is currently itself priced at £170.

Sony have yet to officially confirm any such bundle, but it seems highly likely that the company could do so. Sony have been keen to stress the potential for inter-connectivity between the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita, mandating that all PS4 games should be playable over Wi-Fi on the PS Vita screen, and pushing the PS Vita's role as a second-screen companion for the next-gen home console.

Encouraging gamers to buy into the Vita platform alongside the PS4 could really boost the handheld's software sales, and a PS4 bundle would be a great way of emphasising the connection between the two machines.

With Gamescom looming just over the horizon, we'd say it's a fairly safe bet to put money on Sony revealing the bundle at the show, putting further pressure on the flailing Wii U from Nintendo, and the second-screen tech offered up by Microsoft's Xbox One.

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  • Preston Christman

    If this is true. I hope it is available alongside the ps4 launch day. Not to mention however this would come at a tremendous loss for Sony. Which makes me wonder if this rumor is true. As a gamer, I hope it is. What a tremendous deal this would be for us.

  • * The Facts *
    Sony made a great loss, selling the Playstation 3 for less than it's manufacture cost. However there is logic! Sony put Blu-ray drives in their consoles whilst Microsoft put HD-DVD drives in their consoles. Sony won the war of the formats and because of that initial gamble, selling at a loss, Microsoft's Xbox One will now have a Blu-ray drive which means for every Xbox One sold, Sony will get a cut.

    If Sony are planning to do a bundle, then I think they're doing it for "tomorrows figures" rather than "today's figures".

    * My opinion *
    I, as a Sony fan, believe they will do a bundle. I believe Sony are intent on pushing the "second screen" feature and I believe they're willing to make another risk.

  • Preston Christman

    I hope your right. I always wanted to try the vita, but can't afford too because of putting money towards my current ps4 pre-order. If they do announce this bundle at gamescom and it will be available at launch. You can bet I will fork over an extra $100 to have that!

  • Lawrence Kenneth

    I have been saying that the PS4 would cost $400 since last year. I also predicted this. I mean the PS4 could be the boost the Vita needs to pick up sales.

  • dirk

    Do you want a pat on the back?

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