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Here's what an iPhone 6 with wrap-around screen could look like...

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Apple's iPhone is pretty much the most lustworthy of all smartphone designs, bar maybe the HTC One. There's a premium feel to the build quality, and a tasteful design that makes it as much a fashion statement as functional gadget.

However, some are feeling Apple under Tim Cook aren't innovating at the same pace as they were under the late Steve Jobs, not least of all the investors breathing heavily down the latest CEO's neck.

What Tim Cook needs is a breakthrough iPhone design - something like these iPhone 6 wraparound screen concepts from Dribble artists Michael Shanks, Ali Rahmoun and Sebastian Scheer. While holding the phone (with software edge-housed buttons) may become problematic, the technology to pull this off is already in existence. And it'd make for one gorgeous smartphone.

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  • SGH

    I love my LG G2

  • Bravo

    Thats stupid cause if you hold it then its gonna press the screen on the side and would be a pain and bothersome

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah wraped around screen i have a nokia 1520 becuase windows 8 phone had better technology 6 inch screen 1920 by 1080 resolution

  • Paul Roux

    WTF is the purpose of a wrap around screen?

  • cpy

    Oh my! Just clicking next picture is slower than me writing this whole line of comment. What a slow badly coded website. Also this iphone side screen looks like it would scratch easily. But damn, it's useless. But if there was screen on top of the phone, you could just look into your pocket/cover and see some important info or song playing or anything, but from side?

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