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Panasonic Lumix GX7 leaks: 16MP sensor, 3-inch screen

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panasonic-gx7-top.jpgPanasonic's latest Lumix snapper, the Lumix GX7, has leaked online at Japanese photography blog Digicame, revealing not only the camera's looks, but some of its key specificaitons too.

Showing off the camera from front, rear and top-down angles, the images were acquired by Digicame from a source "who can be trusted", giving the leak some credence given the site's own respectability.
panasonic-gx7-edge.jpgTaking its cues from the the Four Thirds L1 camera, the chassis looks slim (aside from a protruding grip area on the left hand side), housing a 3-inch view finder with 1.04 million dots and the ability to tilt up to 80 degrees on the rear. There's also an electronic view finder, which itself can be tilted 90 degrees with a viewing resolution of 2.76 million dots.

Equipped with a 16-megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor according to the source, 1920 x 1080p / 60fps HD video can be captured, with a shutter speed as fast as 1/8000 and ISO up to 25,600.

On-sensor stabilization also features, alongside NFC and Wi-Fi, while 22 fun filters can be applied to
No word yet on pricing or availability, but we'll keep you posted once the camera is officially revealed.

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  • Gaspare Pizzolo

    Gerald Lynch- Thank you for your reply, and your clever delightful wit. I understand your point and I withdraw my statement. I look forward with interest to your future reporting. All the best.

  • Gerald Lynch

    No problem! I hope to see you back in the comments section soon and look forward to discussing news on here with you again in the *near* future!

  • Gaspare Pizzolo

    Gerald Lynch- The GX7 is not a snapper, it is a camera, a sophisticated electro-machanical machine more intricate than anything you can invent, and thus deserves more respect for someone's work then your off handed trivial remark implies.

  • Gerald Lynch

    Apologies for offending you Gaspare - I appreciate the intricacy of camera construction, and didn't mean to undermine it here. As a writer, it can be tiring to keep using the same word over and over, just as it can also be tiring to read too. It was merely an attempt to make for a more interesting, less repetitious read. However, I take offence at the fact that you aren't aware of my personal achievements with the intricate invention of a time travel machine, as I'm currently writing this reply sat aboard my hovership in the year 2777.

  • Monkey

    I'd argue that it is a snapper, even SLR cameras are designed to be portable and fast to use. Most paparazzi use a 5d and that's at least twice the size of this little camera. What will make it great is the glass you put on the front. Anyway who cares, in 2777 you can take photos with your eyes and upload them straight to twitter, right?

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