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Sony's stock rises 9% in wake of Xbox One reveal, Microsoft stock drops fractionally

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sonystock-xbox-one.jpgIt may be Microsoft celebrating the launch of their new Xbox One console, but it's rivals Sony who have seen the stock market shift in their favour tonight.

Sony's stock close today at 22.91, a jump two points higher than eight hours earlier, and before the unveiling of Microsoft's Xbox One console, set to face-off against the PlayStation 4 console Sony debuted back in February. That's lead to a 9.25% hike in Sony's market price, a very healthy shift indeed.

Microsoft's stock on the other hand stayed almost static despite the big announcement, down slightly by 0.66%.

So what's caused this? There's two potential reasons for the slightly incongruous financial shift.

PlayStation fanboys may call out Microsoft's console launch as being a failed one, too focussed on TV content and not enough on the games that will attract the console's hardcore audience. Indeed, the initial response from the web has been one that's less than stellar, as What Hi-Fi editor Joe Cox highlighted with this tweet:

However, a more likely reason is the growing rumour that Sony is planning to spin off its entertainment division. It's a potentially lucrative move, one that Daniel S. Loeb, a hedge fund manager who happens to own 6.5 percent of Sony, first suggested. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment has of late offset losses from the company's consumer electronics business.

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  • Soldier

    PS4 is better. PS4 will have better Exclusives and more powerful Hardware in it. Sony will allow for you to own your 60 dollar game, and if you want to let your friends borrow a copy of the game you paid 60 dollars for, Sony says go right ahead!

  • Silver

    I don't see what people see in the Xbox One over the PS4. If it were the ONLY system I still wouldn't buy it. I get red flags popping up everywhere: No used games without paying a fee, always online, waving arms around to change channels, Xbox live fee, bad history of RROD in previous system, weaker system specs, ugly console design, too many mandatory operating systems running at once using up system power, stock prices dropping, Bill Gates taking my money... thankfully there is another system to go with. Don't get cocky Sony, I'll drop you where you stand if you fail me too PS4. As long as PS4 doesn't double charge me for used games and online is free, I WILL buy the PS4.

  • The chosen demographic

    The success of either console will all come down to one thing. Who has the biggest list of sports titles and first person shooters. People may moan about Call of Duty, Fifa, Battlefield and NFL year after year, but they are amongst the biggest sellers on either console. Whether or not the DLC is exclusive to one console or the other is irrelevant. If Sony has a much bigger list of sports and FPS titles it will win. Despite the red ring of death situation, and the cost of Xbox live, Microsoft still shipped more consoles then Sony. Xbox sales may have been non-existent in japan but as they don't plan FPS games generally this seems to further enhance my point. In addition, both call of duty and battlefield sold more copies on xbox 360 then they did on ps3.

    I hate the idea of the second hand games market dying and the cost of xbox live but i will still be buying an Xbox over a PS4. Why? because i am part of Microsoft targeted demographic. Im young, male and love sports and shooters, so i know i will get the best choice on xbox.

  • VirtualMark

    I'd agree with the 360 being a better choice than the PS3. Games like Halo and Gears of War weren't available on the PS3, so I stuck with the 360. I went through 2 consoles, both RROD'd, now I won't buy a third out of principle.

    But for this next generation, I'd say the PS4 looks way more enticing. Microsoft are forcing things like always on DRM(even though they say it's not, they've confirmed that you can't lend games to friends), forcing us to pay for things like the Kinect, which for a lot of people is unnecessary. Basically they don't seem to care about their customers. And out of principle, I will never support a company that treats me like that, I have some self respect.

    So, if Sony don't act like assholes too, then it'll be PS4 for me this time round!

  • angry_smiley

    but heres the catch, game developers will surely make games on the platform that earn them much profit.

    DO you think profit hungry EA, and Activision will isolate their market on a single platform?

    Much more there are so many clones of this games. Its not like you'll miss anything special when COD suddenly decide to be a an xbox exclusive.

    I think as a game console, success relies heavily on the games. both platform almost offer the same features (though Sony is more enticing with its free service). so it will all goes down to exclusives games. Sony have the edge on this given their huge library of great exclusives, coupled this with better hardware, they can make their exclusives almost a must have for gamers.

    Microsoft on the other hand is more to casual player. People who usually loves to play casual games from time to time (usually sports and shooters). I think this is very bad for the gaming community as developers will tend to make games that is either sports or a shooter because that's what profits the most.

    Microsoft might pull it up though considering there are considerable demography of people who are satisfied just playing a sports and fps (as long as they can't get a hold of those titles exclusively).

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