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Google Glass now has an app that takes photos with a wink

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google-glass-blonde-lady.jpgAs if a "cheeky wink" wasn't already a creepy enough gesture as it was, it's now gained the ability to power stealthy perv-photos the world over thanks to the Google Glass augmented reality specs.

Developer Mike DiGiovanni has put together an app called Winky for Google Glass dev kits that allow a user to power up the specs from standby and take photos just by winking.

You can see the system in action here.

Of course, a rather prolonged, deliberate wink is required to activate the function (otherwise blinks would be firing off photos all the time), but it's great that hands-off controls are being implemented into the glasses even at this early stage. That's where these things become really useful, right?

As DiGiovanni believes, this "really changes things" for Google Glass, bringing it a step towards the sort of gesture-based functionality that made Android and iOS so simple to use with their tactile hardware. What it doesn't change however, is the privacy concerns already associated with Glass - if a wink ever was a playful gesture, anyone wearing Glass that sends one my way will be treated with great suspicion.

If you're lucky enough to have a Glass developer kit, you can grab the Winky source code here.

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