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PocketBook Color Lux 8-inch backlit colour eReader launches

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color-lux-ereader.jpgColour E Ink, once the presumed Holy Grail of digital eReader display technology, has been more or less pushed under the carpet as LCD tablets have grown in popularity. But that hasn't stopped Russia's PocketBook from putting out a new colour eReader, the PocketBook Color Lux.

An 8-inch eReader with a 600 x 800 resolution Triton 2 E Ink display, the Colour Lux can display colours and many more shades of grey than a standard E Ink eReader, such as those available from Amazon and Sony.

Backlit, turning off the light still leaves you with a greyish screen, but turning on the built in light-source makes colours come to the fore of the device, making it a much better match for magazine and comic book files, or any books that feature illustrations or photography.

There's also the regular benefits of an E Ink screen, which are far easier on the eye for reading over prolonged periods than laptop or tablet LCD screens.

Also offering built in Wi-Fi, the Color Lux has 4GB of space for your eBook files, and a microSD slot for expansion should you fill it up.

Currently only available in Russia (priced roughly around £205), it's likely set to be one of a dying breed - despite the battery and eye-strain avoiding advantages of a colour eReader, the added functionality of tablet devices has so far made them more attractive than products like the Color Lux.

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  • John Price

    Dying breed? I would buy it even if it was priced above any tablet available on the market. I have a lot of books that I have to read in my tablet. This color lux would make it easier and ergonomic. However, I have this personal policy that I never buy a first invention. I'd wait for the next version

  • Mark Brzozowski

    I can't wait to get a color e-reader here, I would buy all my comics on it from then on. I would not read on a tablet at night...I already spend 8 hours looking at computer screens.

  • Michael Bell

    Now you only need to know a good friend in Russia which could send it to you.
    Price is about $319 without shipping, and about $349 with international shipping
    Retail availability of device is June 2013

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