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Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmarks shows phone has almost double the iPhone 5's power

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galaxy-s4-benchmarks-top.jpgThe Samsung Galaxy S4 is fast. Like ridiculously fast. A new batch of Geekbench 2 results from dev Primate Labs show the new handset to have almost double the processing power of both its predecessor the Galaxy S3 and competitor iPhone 5.

As you can see from the table above, the Galaxy S4 is even significantly faster than its nearest Android rival, the HTC One, and a third more powerful than even the speedy LG Nexus 4.

Best of all? These benchmark scores come from the quad-core version of the upcoming handset, not the Octo-Core variant. Just imagine the sort of benchmarking scores that one's going to pull in.

Of course, benchmarking tests don't always mean much when it comes to real-world usage. We imagine you'd be hard-pressed to spot a notable difference in app speed across the HTC One and "faster" S4 for instance, not to mention that the Geekbench test measures only processing and memory performance, not 3D rendering. But the signs are all positive - it looks as though Samsung have a real beast on their hands here.

We'll be running a full review on the Samsung Galaxy S4 as soon as we've got our mitts on one of the handsets. We'll let you know just how fast it is for everyday use then, so keep checking back.
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  • Guest

    Surely Apple will just litigate, claiming the new tech infringes some patent they have in some way, pay off the jury

  • troopa

    Why do people keep thinking the octo version will perform better? the octo core version will only run 4 cores at one time, it has 4 low power cores for when u dont do anything demanding for power saving, and 4 higher power cores, however the 4 high power cores cant complete with the normal quad core version, its not gonna be more powerful.

  • Yes I believe S4 has better specs than iPhone5. Let's give iPhone a chance and let's see what will be its new features.

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