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BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis resigns from post as vice chair and company director.

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mike-lazaridis.JPGBlackBerry may have just posted a surprising fourth-quarter profit off the early successes of their BlackBerry Z10 handsets (shifting 1 million of the new phones and 6 million smartphones overall). But it's the news that company founder Mike Lazaridis is to resign from his post as vice chair and company director that's the item we'll take away from this latest earnings call.

Establishing the company alongside co-CEO Jim Balsillie and co-founder Doug Fregin in 1998, Lazaridis helped steer the company to a point where they were clear smartphone market leaders and innovators. However, the dual leadership approach saw the company's fortunes fade in the wake of touch-orientated smartphones like the iPhone, leading to Lazaridis handing over the reigns to current BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins in January 2012.

"With the launch of BlackBerry 10, I believe I have fulfilled my commitment to the Board," said Lazaridis.

"Thorsten and his team did an excellent job in completing BlackBerry 10. We have a great deal of which to be proud. I believe I am leaving the company in good hands. I remain a huge fan of BlackBerry and, of course, wish the company and its people well."

Lazaridis will now focus on running his own investment fund alongside Fregin.

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  • fteoOpty64

    He must have lost the bet!. ie BB not recovering after the launch of Z10. But is has and moving forward, thank goodness. New BB going QNX is like the OS9 to OSX transition of Apple before. Modern OS towards the future.

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