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Battlefield 4 details leak: Just 720p on PS4 and Xbox 720 next-gen consoles?

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Battlefield-4-635x300.jpgDetails on EA's next-generation shooter Battlefield 4 have leaked, and while some of the gameplay points sound awesome, some of the technical points leave a little to be desired.

Leaked onto Chiphell forums (so take all this with a pinch of salt until official confirmation from EA lands), with the leaked information apparently originally intended to debut in the April issue of Edge magazine, China in the year 2020 has been revealed as the game's setting.

However, those hoping for the ultimate experience on next-gen consoles such as the PS4 and rumoured Xbox 720 will be left disappointed, as the company are setting their sights relatively low with a 720p/60fps optimisation for the new machines. High-end PC gaming is where the most impressive 1080p/60fps visuals will be, with PC gamers also benefitting from 64-player mutiplayer battles compared to the consoles 24-player bouts.

Using the revamped Frostbite 2.5 engine, the game is said to feature full DirectX 11 compatibility on the PC, and utilise 80% of the engine's power compared to the 30% used for Battlefield 3. All environments, water effects, terrain and characters will make use of improved tessellation technologies inside Frostbit 2.5 also.

The game will also introduce completely dynamic weather effects, including fog, rain, sandstorms and more, all of which would activate on maps at random under variable conditions, adding an extra degree to complexity to multiplayer matches. Bad Company 2's Destruction 4.0 physics effects will also return, making for totally destructible environments.

Returning to the game's plot and setting, China and USA will be the main infantry factions, with the single player campaign said to last between 5 and 6 hours.

Five multiplayer maps (Diaoyu Island, Tiananmen, Shanghai Bund, Xizhimen and Xizhimen Rush) have been leaked so far, though many more are promised. Two tank vehicles set for inclusion include the M1A2 TUSK and PLA Type 99, while those who prefer to take to the skies will benefit from a larger Air Combat Zone, making for ever-more death-defying dog fights.

Both the Commander system and skill systems are also said to be overhauled.

Interestingly, both DLC and microtransactions for the game are already planned, with the DLC's four maps already outlined. No chance of just popping them into the game at launch, eh EA? Them the breaks these days it would seem.

A full official reveal of Battlefield 4 is planned for March 27. Check back to Tech Digest then to see just how accurate these leaks prove to be.

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  • Wolf Haley


  • some1example1

    bf needs at least 4 on 4 jet dog fights, pilot + wingman, and at least 3 on 3 helicopters up at all times.

    3 on 3 tanks min. plus 2 v 2 medium to heavy vehicles. that leaves 40 ground troops.

    it's easier to upscale to 1080p, the 60 fps will negate the effects of the upscale.

    you can either have it upscaled by ea and have it burned native on your bluray, or your ps4 can do it.

    frames per second are more important when upscaling.

  • tech

    HAHAHA. those 720/24 players predictions were for the PS3 & 360! ARTICLE FAIL

  • Anukul

    at least better than 480p on ps3

  • Alastair Neill

    uhm... ps3 supports 720p and 1080p

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