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Here's a sweet Apple iWatch smartwatch concept

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iwatch-design-concept.jpgRumours of an Apple iWatch have been heating up over the last few weeks, with reports of some 100 product designers putting their heads together to create an iOS wristwatch at Apple's Cupertino HQ.

While there's no official comment from Apple on the speculation, there's plenty of features that we can assume would be popped in to such a device, including Siri voice control, Bluetooth syncing of messages and social media accounts with an iPhone, and some sort of iOS app support. To go along with that feature-list guesswork, we've now also got a brand new design concept from Esben Oxholm, posted over at Yanko Design.

Taking its inspiration from the iPhone 5 as well as circling iWatch rumours such as a curved glass build, it has a matte black aluminium strap with a glossy glass face. An embossed Apple logo sits on the inside of the strap, while the familiar Apple Home button sits under the screen.

It certainly looks convincing, and we wouldn't be surprised if Apple's potential product landed in a very similar guise. Personally though, we're still smitten with the transparent design below:

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