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Have Samsung accidentally revealed the Galaxy Note 8.0?

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note-8-sammy-top.jpgBlimey, who can keep a secret these days? Not many tech companies, it seems. Just yesterday Nokia made a slip up at an event in Pakistan by inadvertently revealing what appeared to be a Nokia Lumia tablet, and now Samsung have made a similar mistake by putting a shot of what is believed to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 out in the wild too.

Spotted over at SammyHub, they've spotted the Galaxy Note 8.0 hiding in plain sight at an event intended to showcase a new colour option for the Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE in South Korea.

The mystery tablet (shown in the pic above hiding behind that chef's crazy hat - why do they wear them anyway?) doesn't appear to be any Samsung device that exists publicly yet at any rate.

When placed next to the stylus shown alongside it, the tablet seems too small to be the Galaxy Note 10.1, while the back and home buttons just visible on the lower left hand of the devices screen rule it out from being the Galaxy Note II smartphone. However, it does share some similarities with the Galaxy Note 2, such as its Home button and rounded design. The inclusion of what looks to be a speaker ear piece towards the left edge also is a point of contention.

It also lines up nicely with a series of leaked images of the Galaxy Note 8.0 that have already been uncovered.

The shot throws up just as many questions as it answers. Is it a real new tablet? Is it a render or a device never set to exist? With reports suggesting the Galaxy Note 8.0 will be revealed at MWC 2013 this month, we likely won't have long until we find out.

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  • Drake

    Thanks for your Samsung phablet article. I wish Samsung would add a detachable ear piece phone on their phablets. One that is ready to use upon detachment and is placed within the contour shape of the phablet.

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