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PS4 to ditch trusty DualShock controller in favour of touchscreens and biometrics?

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dualshock-ps3.jpgThe PlayStation consoles across the ages have been well served by the trusty DualShock controller, first released back in 1997. But a new report suggests that Sony may be putting the gamepad out to pasture with the release of the PS4.

CVG are claiming that a senior source from a development studio has loosened its lips and revealed that Sony have been working on a number of different controller designs for the next-gen console, and none that resemble the DualShock.

The unnamed source has hinted at the inclusion of both touchscreen and biometic controls, the later of which may monitor a gamer's physical state, such as heart rate, temperature or perspiration. It's thought that Sony are trying to bridge the gap between their forthcoming home console and portable PS Vita console with a control system that emulates "the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita".

The Vita, which has struggled to gain traction in the gaming market, uses both a front-facing touchscreen and a rear touchpad to control some elements of games, as well as traditional analogue sticks and hardware buttons. It's thought that by closing the gap between both machines' control methods, cross-platform play will become more prevalent and improved than what's currently offered by a paired PS3 and Vita handled.

Excitingly, the source also claimed that the PS4 will be unveiled in a "matter of weeks, not months".

It seems then that before the Spring is out we may be losing a much-loved controller, but welcoming a next-generation gaming powerhouse too.

Via: CVG

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