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Samsung Galaxy S4: Video teaser hints at CES 2013 reveal

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Galaxy-s3-top-rumour.pngAfter shifting over 30 million of their Galaxy S3 handset, all eyes now turn to Samsung's Galaxy S4, what is almost certain to be the company's follow up to their best-selling Android smartphone.

While we expect to see the Galaxy S4 release in May (a year after the release of its predecessor), a new teaser trailer has set tongues wagging, suggesting we will get a sneak peak at the Galaxy S4 at CES 2013 in January. You can check the teaser trailer out below:
The Galaxy S4 has the potential to be the show-stopping device Samsung would grab headlines with at the Las Vegas annual event, but in our opinion it'd be a step backwards for the brand's smartphone line, at least in terms of marketing.

The Galaxy S3 had a grand unveiling at London's Earl's Court, a gigantic one-off independent Samsung event attended by thousands of the world's tech media members. Shoehorning the Galaxy S4 into CES 2013 would seem to suggest it wasn't worthy of its own standalone event, something Samsung would be keen to avoid. It would also mean the Galaxy S4 was revealed roughly just half a year after its predecessor, which would rile smartphone fans who had bought it recently thinking they were still getting the company's most up-to-date mobile hardware.

However, perhaps Samsung will feel their hand has been forced by the success of the LG/Google partnership with the Google Nexus 4. The cut price handset has proved massively popular, and for many has now set the new standard for top-end Android hardware, especially when it comes to value. An early CES 2013 reveal of the Galaxy S4 could go someway towards combating this new threat.

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  • Ben

    whats there to prove that its actually a samsung ad?

  • quinny707

    The fact that it's on a Samsung Youtube channel?

  • Ben

    My bad haha I just watched it from this website rather than youtube

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