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Samsung Galaxy S4 to have new quad-core chip, not eight-core?

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Exynos4Quad-top.jpgSamsung's Galaxy S4 is definitely coming. After the successes of the S2 and S3, they'd be mad to give up on their most lucrative handset line to date. We're expecting to see it touch down next May, following on from the May 2012 launch of the S3, turning the launch of the line into an annual event. What we're less certain of however is what's going to be powering the handset.

We'd heard rumours that the Galaxy S4 was going to be sporting a ridiculous eight-core (or "Octo-core") processor. That may not be the case now, as Samsung have just revealed a new quad-core processor, the Exynos 5440, on its Kernel Git webpage. It's an updated version of the dual-core chip inside the Korean-made Google Nexus 10 tablet.

Little else is known about the Exynos 5440, and we're not yet ruling out an eight-core processor, which would be exactly the sort of headlining feature the Galaxy S4 would need to go up against the rumoured HTC M7 and iPhone 5S.

Elsewhere, the Galaxy S4 is rumoured to be packing in a full HD 1080p display, a 13MP camera, a screen somewhere around the 5-inch mark, and possibly even Key Lime Pie which is expected to be the next full revision of Google's Android operating system.

More on the Galaxy S4 as we hear it.

Via: Android Community

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  • Anonymous

    I've always loved and had all the galaxy s just hop they don't use touch wiz I don't like that at all

  • probedb

    Why would you want 8 cores? Apps barely use 4 cores at the moment.

  • Freddy

    True, but 8 Cores for battery consumption would effectively be a vast improvement over the Quad Core architecture because of the big.LITTLE SOC layout for the exynos 5450. A smaller A7 1.2 GHZ quad core chip would be used for the less intensive tasks such as web browsing, music and basic multitasking whereas the A15 clocked at 1.8 ghz would be used for the more intensive stuff like movie streaming, hardcore gaming optimised for that kind of power, tv shows etc with extreme multi-tasking coming into mind. If anyone knows how to implement the efficiency with those cores, it's Samsung.

  • hameed

    The question is .... how much will it bend before it breaks...I mean you have the board and other chips inside the device...They also cant use glass for is gotta be something else.

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