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Nintendo reveal Wii Fit U details, hitting Wii U in early 2013

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wii-fit-u.pngNintendo have revealed fresh details on Wii Fit U, their home fitness game sequel heading to the new Wii U console.

Revealing that the exercise game will be hitting stores early in 2013, Wii Fit U is the sequel to one of the most popular games ever to hit the original Wii, a crossover hit that saw many non-gamers become enamoured with Nintendo's motion-controlled first Wii console.

Rather than resting on their laurels, Nintendo will be introducing new features to Wii Fit U. Top of the list is the Fit Meter, a pedometer that links up with your Wii console, meaning that next years Wii Fit U game will also be able to track your exercises conducted beyond the comfort of your living room. It looks very similar to the Pokèwalker accessory introduced with Pokèmon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

77 get-fit activities will launch with Wii Fit U, including trampolining and bobsledding. It remains to be seen whether or not missing the lucrative Christmas launch window will effect the game's success.

Scroll down to see Wii Fit U in action. The Wii Fit U section of the video kicks in at the 11.50 mark:

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