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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: The best Android smartphones of 2012

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best-Android-banner.jpgWhat a year for Android smartphones! 2012 was really the year that Google's mobile operating system came of age, not only wiping the floor with iOS devices in terms of the number of device activations, but also in the consistently high quality of hardware that the OS was paired with.

Though Samsung continue to dominate the field, all the major Android players had at least one stand-out handset this year. Huawei came in from left-field to prove they've got what it takes to make a dent in the UK market, while HTC's One series devices were incredibly sleek. The Google Nexus 4 though stole the show, offering a premium Android experience at (almost) a pocket money price.

Scroll down for our pick of this year's best Android smartphones, and let us know if you agree with our choices!

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  • RAZR MAXX definitely would be a great phone, with Jellybean.
    The compact yet decently bigscreen RAZR M should have made the list - puzzled to see the very unproven and apparently overthirsty RAZR I on here but not that one.
    It's the form factor that's great on that phone, and with traditional (yet decently high-end) internals, would be the much safer Xmas gift, in my opinion.

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