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TRAILER: Skyrim Dragonborn DLC FINALLY lets you fly dragons!

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Bethesda have just officially lifted the lid on the next DLC pack for their genre-defining RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's called Dragonborn and, finally, it'll let you fly on the back of the game's monstrous dragons!

And about time too!

From the looks of the trailer released today (which you can view above) the add on pack introduces a new villain, reportedly the first of the Dragonborn kind that your character in Skyrim is also a part of. This Dragonborn ancestor is back on the block, and having done a fair bit of dragon eating (consuming their powers in the process, naturally) he's on the warpath. You've got to stop him.

Plenty of new enemies pop up in the trailer, as well as a few locations that look to include areas that may have first appeared in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Correct us if we're wrong.

Oh, and RIDEABLE DRAGONS. Even the bad guys seem to get mounts this time around.

Looking pretty tasty then. The DLC, as usual, will hit Xbox 360 consoles first on December 4, priced at 1600 Microsoft Points. We'll follow up with news on the PC version as we get it, but those playing the troubled PS3 version shouldn't hold their breath.

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  • willy

    get an xbox then and stop moning cause ps3 is shit

  • Tony PS3 User

    oh ffs -_- this looks so good and us ps3 owners won't be getting it *sigh* i was given hope when that code was found saying "downloadable_content_ps3" or whatever, but it's beginning to look solemn for us again...i don't think we'll ever see any form of skyrim dlc on ps3 now...

  • John William Olegario

    can we confirm which platform will it go out first ?? if there is still no news for the playstation fans this is bad news..

  • bigice164

    OK im not trying to be a dick or anything but what i heard is that they aren't doing it for the ps3 sorry ps3 owners wish we could do somthin about it

  • Gerald Lynch

    Hi John - so far only the Xbox 360 version has been announced, but going by how previous Skyrim DLC launches have worked, a few days after the Xbox 360 launch of the DLC we're expecting the PC version to be announced. With the troubles faced by the PS3 version, like previous Skyrim DLC packs, we don't have much hope for the PS3 DLC landing this side of Christmas, if ever. There's no official communication from Bethesda regarding this yet, and we'll keep you updated if anything changes.

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