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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Top 5 stylish Windows 8 convertibles

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By Becca Caddy

We've come a long way since the days of the regular old laptop, now there are ultrabooks, tablets and laptops to contend with, as well as a bunch of other devices that straddle those categories, which are often referred to as laptop/tablet hybrids or convertibles.

Some allow you to rip them in two and ditch your keyboard if you'd rather have a tablet for a day and others are flexible, allowing you to bend and twist them into whatever you please (within reason, you can't create a balloon-like sausage dog).

If you're looking to really splash the cash on someone this Christmas and they're after a small laptop or tablet, then take a look at our top pick of bang up-to-date convertible devices running Windows 8 for the style conscious.

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