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Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam for Mac pumps vids straight to UStream

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Logitech_Broadcaster_Wi-Fi_Webcam.jpgLogitech have lifted the covers off a sleek new webcam today. Sure, webcams aren't the most exciting of computer peripherals anymore, but their Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi webcam has a few tricks up its sleeve to make it stand out from the pack.

As the name suggests, it has Wi-Fi capabilities, letting the Mac, iPad or iPhone compatible camera stream videos directly to UStream, using the Broadcaster app.

The camera can also be used to supplement your Apple device's built-in camera. Working with FaceTime, iChat and Skype for Mac, there's a button on top of the broadcaster that toggles between the Logitech wireless stream and the FaceTime camera, ideal for making quick cuts between two views in calls or videos.

Wireless recording can be done through the QuickTime and Photo Booth applications, with integrations with iMovie and Final Cut Pro for quick edits. All video captured is in 720P HD resolution, with audio coming out as mono H.264 files.

With a 3x digital zoom and external mic input, Logitech say the camera is good for two hours of wireless use (though this is without the built-in light switched on), while the camera's case also doubles up as a magnetic stand.

You're looking at a price of £159.99 for the Logitech Broadcaster, direct from their online store.

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