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Facebook add option to promote personal posts for cash

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Facebook_promote-900-75.jpgFancy yourself as a bit of a Facebook bigwig? Frustrated by how quickly your Instagram lunch shots or stealthily stolen jokes (presented as your own, naturally) slide down your friends' busily-populated news feeds? Then you'll be pleased to hear that Facebook are beginning to roll out the option of promoting posts tied to personal accounts, for a monetary fee.

US testers have been given the option of paying $7 (around £4) to promote their posts, with some 5,000 accounts initially getting the update. This follows preliminary testing in New Zealand back in May, with a further 19 other countries already testing the new service.

There's certainly genuinely useful application to be had from the feature; pushing details of a change of plans to a big event for all your friends to see could be useful, or a little extra promotion for small businesses or creative types. With analytics tied to your purchase, you'll be able to judge whether or not the promotional push was worth your cash too.

Having said that, we're banking on embarrassing night club photos and cat videos pushed to the top most often, as is Facebook tradition...

No word yet on when, or even if, the feature will be coming the UK arm of the network.

It's a well timed, if slightly cynical, move though; Facebook have just revealed they now have 1 billion users, so pushing your social highlights to the top may be, for some narcissists, a real necessity these days.

Via: Tech Radar

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