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Spotify streaming expanding to TV shows with HBO?

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spotify-ipad-official.jpgSpotify, the fast-growing music streaming service, may be about to extend their service into pastures new by offering TV show streaming alongside the tunes.

A new report from Danish tech site suggests that the Swedish music maestros are preparing to offer Scandinavian customers TV content from HBO Nordic, should they be able secure the rights.

To help in this endeavour, the company are said to have recruited former Executive Director of US cable network Comcast, Michael Berkley.

Towing the company line, a Spotify spokesperson stated that "there's always a lot of speculation surrounding Spotify but it's something we never comment on."

With HBO's line-up of shows including such gems as The Wire, The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Game of Thrones, Scandinavian Spotify subscribers will be in for a treat if the company pull this off.

Indeed, if the deal does come to fruition, and ever spreads internationally, Spotify will offer quite the service, beating the likes of We7, Rdio and Pandora in the video stakes, and offering music where the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm do not, even if the Spotify video library would be far less comprehensive.

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  • blancodisco

    I thought Mad Men was owned by AMC Networks, not HBO, is it different for the Norway Region?

  • Gerald Lynch

    No you're totally right, that's my mistake. I'll update the post now. Thanks for the spot.

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