New Apple iPhone 5 front panel leaks, confirms longer 4-inch display

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iphone-5-front-1-900-75.jpgA new image reportedly of the iPhone 5’s front panel has popped up online.

The leak, if genuine, shows the widely expected new 4-inch display for Apple’s popular smartphone, in a longer, candy bar shaped form factor.

Expected to measure just 7.6mm thick (2mm thinner than the iPhone 4S) it’s the closest we’ve come yet to seeing a completed iPhone 5 device.

That’s if it’s even called the iPhone 5 of course. With Apple shaking up the naming convention for their iPad (this year’s model being simply called the “new iPad”), they may follow suit with the iPhone; the “5” suffix may make the phone seem less cutting edge than it used to.

Apple are expected to reveal their latest mobile on 12 September, with the handset up for pre-order the same day and going on general release on 21 September. International shipments are expected to start on 5 October.

Of course, all of this remains rumour and speculation. But with iOS 6 expected to launch later this autumn too, a new iPhone launch is surely a matter of weeks away.

Via: BGR

By Gerald Lynch | August 20th, 2012

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    After finding this review I decided to finally purchase my iphone 4s and am very happy with it, I had one of the first iphones and they have come along way since then: