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rotten apple.JPGApple have been named the world's most valuable brand ever. With a market share of $623 billion, the current dominance of the Cupertino company is unquestionable, going from strength to strength over the course of the past decade and easily overtaking even the mighty Microsoft.

The problem is, Apple aren't really the most valuable company of all time. In fact, they don't even come close.

You see, that lofty title belongs to IBM, circa 1967. That year, IBM were worth $192.3 billion, which on the face of things seems a worth a fair sight smaller than Apple's stuffed coffers.

But Apple's valuation doesn't account for inflation. $1 from 1967 is worth roughly $6.85. Put inflation into the mix, and IBM's 1967 valuation would see them eclipse Apple to the sum of $1.3 trillion.

That's not to say Apple couldn't get there in time. The New York Times calculated that, at a market capitalization of $500 billion, the brains behind the iPad and iPhone may be worth $3 trillion by 2020.

Until then however, the Big Blue still have the edge.

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  • Tim Edwards (Link for previous comment)

  • Tim Edwards

    Copied from TechCrunch, should have at least added a source link, shoddy journalism right here.

  • Gerald

    Hi Tim. I'm not aware of the Tech Crunch story that you've mentioned. As a rule we always link back to a source of a story if that's where we find it from (just take a look through some older posts and you'll see we're very transparent when this is the case). It's common web courtesy among bloggers, which we're happy to abide by. But this is based on my own knowledge and research. Just because we didn't get there first (which can be difficult for a solely UK-based site covering news breaking overseas) doesn't mean we copy others. It isn't difficult to find this information out, and we don't need to resort to copying other's work to do so.

  • Mary

    Umm it's Apple is and IBM is not are. Learn English please.

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