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Red Dead Redemption 2: What we want from the sequel

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red-dead-redemption-2-hopes.jpgreview-line.JPGRed Dead Redemption is arguably this console generation's finest game. Beautiful to look at with a gut-wrenching, emotionally charged storyline, it thrust you into the dark heart of the Wild West, and made playing the life of an outlaw an incredibly fun thing to do. It even had an amazing multiplayer component that made it possible to form posses and ride out, as well as take part in death matches.

While all eyes are now on Rockstar's next crime sim GTA V, we'd put money on a sequel to Redemption being announced soon. Rockstar have hinted at it themselves, and with the game selling well over 12 million copies, it'd be ridiculous for Rockstar not to head back out onto the dusty prairie.

So saddle up as Tech Digest go through what we'd most like to see from the next Red Dead game.

review-line.JPGRed Dead Redemption review 1.jpegA NEW ERA

Red Dead Redemption showed the Wild West in its twilight years, with industrialisation leaving the likes of our hero John Marston marginalised and on the run. But we'd argue it's not the most interesting period of Old West history. How about the period of 19th century expansion that saw the remaining indigenous Native American populations displaced and massacred. It's a period of American history often overlooked, and as Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian novel shows, thoughtful exploration of the era could result in a remarkable work of gaming fiction.


I still find it incredible that one of the most oft-requested features for Red Dead Redemption was the introduction of cars. We've already got Grand Theft Auto and a zillion clones, do we really need another joy riding sim? Red Dead Redemption had incredibly life-like horses of many different breeds, that handled in a way so unique as to really separate its gameplay from other open-world titles. You also and an emotional connection to your steed; push it too hard and it didn't explode, it died. If you'd found a favourite, it was heart-wrenching stuff. More of the same here Rockstar, if you please.Red Dead Redemption review 2.jpegMORE CHOICE

Red Dead Redemption gave us a sprawling open-world to explore, and indeed there was plenty of freedom to uncover all the secrets that each corner of the beautifully realised fictitious state of New Austin. However, when it came to the actual missions, the story played out very linearly. Could we not have a bit more choice as to how missions play out, and which factions to align ourselves with? We really didn't want to have to work for the Mexicans so keen on committing horrible acts against innocents. Sure, we realise that linear missions can help when writing a tightly crafted story, but Mass Effect has proven that choice and storytelling can be harmoniously matched.


Red Dead Redemption had an amazing, emotionally charged storyline and superbly drawn characters. They looked great, with some of the best motion capture and lip-syncing we've seen, and when paired with the top-notch voice acting it lead to a truly cinematic experience. Imagine if it had been paired with the MotionScan facial scanning technology of LA Noire, another or RockStar's properties? We admit to being a little torn here, with the ever-so-slightly caricatured art-style of Redemption being so great. But MotionScan would allow for almost photo-real faces, and there's no way to better convey emotion than having that at your disposal.Red Dead Redemption review 3.jpegRED DEAD...RENAMED

If we do get a sequel, one thing's for certain; it won't be called Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar's premier cowboy series kicked off with Red Dead Revolver, with the sequel being Redemption, rather than Revolver 2. Expect then any Redemption sequel to have a similarly alliterative name. Reloaded? Revolution? Forget the Matrix sequels; we like the sound of Red Dead Renegades.


When shooting and riding horses, Red Dead Redemption controlled like a dream. When on foot? Not so much. Built on the ageing GTA IV engine, John Marston felt realistically weighty when moving around, but also turned in quite a tank-like fashion. This is one area where we can forego a little realism in favour of fun. We hope Rockstar's next western protagonist moves a little more elegantly.


Anyone who's ever spent a weekend at a festival like Glastonbury will tell you that you DON'T need a perfectly flat stretch of land on which to raise a campsite. Can someone tell that to RockStar too? It was really frustrating jogging around looking for somewhere to settle down for the night.Red Dead Redemption review 3b.jpegHUNTING AS PART OF MISSIONS

Red Dead Redemption took your standard collect-a-thon collectibles system and made it a really interesting mechanic with hunting. Collecting materials from beasts to sell in stores, hunting down the many species out on the plains was genuinely satisfying, especially when chasing down the legendary animals. Why not integrate some of the hunting into the main missions? Collecting food and supplies for some struggling settlements could make the hunting elements feel more vital to survival.


Undead Nightmare was a surprisingly smart expansion pack for Redemption. We thought we'd seen all that the world of zombies could offer, but Rockstar's take on the genre was refreshing. Having said that, NO MORE ZOMBIES. They're everywhere, almost like a real infestation. How about aliens this time around? The Nevada desert is notorious for its sightings, perhaps that B-Movie paranoia could be channeled. We recently saw the often-ridiculed Cowboys & Aliens, and found it to be far more entertaining than we'd expected it to be. Something along the lines of the action in that movies could be really good fun.

What do you think about our Red Dead Redemption sequel thoughts? Anything we've missed out that you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments below of via our Twitter feed @techdigestnews !

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  • Nicholas Mull

    Umm...... it's 2014. Whoever in Rockstar put all resources to GTA V instead of RDR 2.... should be FIRED. I don't understand how they can create a game like RRD, have it do SOOOOOOO well.......... and then wait 5 years to make a sequel????? I'm tired of playing the same games over and over. GTA V??? I played that back in 2003... it was called GTA 3, and Vice City, and San Andreas.... RDR was a western, the first of it's kind. I'm ready to play it again. Rockstar needs to get their act together.

  • Dhruv

    A more diverse landscape. I found the world to be very repititive till I reached tall trees

  • james

    being able to start a gun duel once you unlock a certain outfit like the deadly assassin outfit instead of having to roam around until someone challenged you to one, and once you became so good at it you'd unlock a new name for yourself and everyone would know who you were and not everyone would want to duel and then the one's looking to make a name for themself would come looking for you.

  • Red Dead Renagade

    In my opinion, Jack needs to be the hero, he was too whiny in the first game.

    It opens on a train: (1920) Just released from a hospital in New York from wounds received in the waning days of WW1, Jack Marston and a younger man are coming back from WW1. Tommy talks excitedly about the time Jack saved him from an ambush. War Flashbacks as the train rolls on. Tommy gets off in Tennesse teling Jack he always has a place with him. The train roles on as Jack remembers joining the army to avoid the law. He gets off in Blackwater which has grown to encompass the outskirts of the family farm. He arrives to find a tax auction selling off part and parcel of the farm. His fathers horse is up for sale, but he is outbid by an older lady. It is Bonnie McFairlane, married with kids of her own, and she gifts the horse to Jack. He tells her: "John never told Abigail you gave him this horse." She smiles and walks back to her family.

    Jack rides his fathers horse, old now but still spry to Arkansas, and finds Tommy in the hills. His family is moonshiners, and Jack starts working with them, Tommy's Ma cuts the patches off Jack clothes so he has something to wear. He follows Tommy into the hills on foot,and finds the still. It is attacked, and Jack learns to use a Bullwhip to fight them off. Then he learns to work the still. He runs local moonshine missions, and meets a girl who works for another moonshine family. She is a horse breeder, and shows interest in Johns horse as a stud. Jack keeps working the stills, and running moonshine, often racing against cars over the hills to get to the destination first. He courts a girl from a rival family, and the first night they hook up, they come to run him off or kill him. They kill his fathers horse, and run him out without weapons. The girl meets him in the woods, and gives him the foal from his fathers horse and a mare. Jack rides south on the Tennessee Stud.

    As Jack fords the Rio Grande, he comes across a funeral procession, hauling Landon Rickett back from the US to Mexico. An elderly Mexican woman gives him Landons gun to help protect the convoy, and Jack runs off army soldiers looking to burn Ricketts corpse. When they arrive at Ricketts resting place, Jack opens the old house his father owned and finds the outfits earned in Red Dead Redemption. He finds work with a mescal distillery, and ends up in a horse race with the Spanish owner. The Tennessee Stud wins, and a gunfight ensues. Jack takes over the distillery, and builds up that business, until he starts running Mexican hooch over the river into Tennessee. He fights it out with with his girls family and wins the girl. Then he starts taking over the distilling and selling of illegal hooch.

    After taking over all the shine business in the Tennessee mountains, Jack has to establish himself in Nashville, and we have a little more of a

    Rough draft.

    Dominic Reginatto

  • Joe Donnelly

    For Red Dead Redemption 2 I would like to be still John Marston as the main character so that means it should be based on John Marston being in Dutch Van Der Linde's gang before he got betrayed by Dutch, Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella.

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