Polaroid Z2300 captures digital images, prints REAL photos

polaroid-instant-compact-580-75.jpgRemember “shaking it like a Polaroid picture”? Polaroid are hoping to blend nostalgia with modern digital imaging technology with the new Polaroid Z2300 digital camera.

Capturing 10MP digital snaps, the Z2300 can also print 2×3 inch prints directly from the camera It does this using ZINK (zero ink) technology, hating crystals in specially designed (and no doubt expensive) paper to produce different colours.

With a 3 inch LCD display on the rear, Polaroid claim that you can shoot, edit and have a physical copy of your photos within a minute using the new camera.

It sounds like a lovely marriage between the old skool and the new to us. Here’s hoping Polaroid can keep the price of that special ZINK paper down, as the £129.99 price point seems otherwise very reasonable indeed. Expect to see this one land in shops by August.

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Gerald Lynch

Gerald LynchPolaroid Z2300 captures digital images, prints REAL photos