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10 Must-Have MacBook Pro with Retina Display Accessories

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macbook-pro-retina-top.jpgMmmm...MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It's a keeper, that's for sure. Apple pulled out all the stops when putting together their latest, greatest notebook, with an unbelievably sharp display, super-slim design and top-notch hardware updates that include SSD storage and both Thunderbolt AND USB 3.0 connectivity options.

If you could afford its whopping price tag, you're probably on the market for some accessories to pimp your machine out with even further, too. From cases to extra storage, we pick out ten worthy accessories every Retina-packing MacBook Pro owner should consider.

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  • eduaar

    worst selection ever. only the ethernet adaper is worth considering...

  • flukeshot

    "The 10 must have accessories for your new Macbook Pro Retina" should read,

    "The 8 things Apple took out of your new laptop that you still hafta buy - plus an ugly cover-carrier-sack thingy and a mouse that started the sweeping craze: Apple Tunnel Syndrome!"

  • flukeshot

    Note however that I entirely approve of the changes, the price point, the legacy's lost, the look on Steve Ballmer as he's trying to find an angle, any angle that the retina screen does not look totally wicked from. Most of all, I love the haters.... you know what I mean? Wouldn't be Apple without the haters and I unloaded my Apple stock 4-5 tivcks from the top of the mountain. Which, by the way Steve, is how I afforded not just the macbook I on now, but 4 for the music centre in town, and 1 each for each of my 3 nephews and 1 nephew... but they dont know it was me so stay mum about those. Thanks again Steve... er.. no, no, yeah that's right, thanks Steve!

  • What nonsense. I'm not sure there is a single must have on that list. As a Retina Mac owner I can say the gigabit adapter is a might-need. The Super Drive is a don't need. We bought one at work for sharing and it has never been used. The mouse is a step down from the trackpad, the display while a very nice display for older macs, is a step down from the Retina display. The only thing you might want to consider is a device for Time Machine backups and a bag or sleeve.

  • MacOwner

    I'm pretty sure the logitech k750 keyboard isn't bluetooth, but requires you to use up a usb port to connect it. The other solar keyboard they sell, however, does connect through bluetooth

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