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10-inch Google Nexus 10 in the works?

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Thumbnail image for nexus-7-tablet.jpgNo sooner do we have the Google Nexus 7 tablet than do the rumours of a souped-up version begin to circulate. Thinking about pre-ordering the Nexus 7? You may wan't to hold out, read this, and consider the Nexus 10 instead.

According to supply-chain whispers over at DigiTimes, a 10 inch version of the ASUS built tablet is in the works, presumably called the Nexus 10.

Insiders believe 10 inch panels supplied by AU Optronics and Wintek (Wintek are thought to have supplied 500,000 panels for the Nexus 7 too) will feature. Wintek will also be supplying ASUS with a further 1 million touch panels over the course of the summer, fuelling speculation that multiple sizes may be on the way.

We'll have more on this later, but for now check out the confirmed details of the Nexus 7. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, after all.

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  • Badal Ashar

    Have preordered the nexus 7 for use as a super smart PDA. Will order the nexus 10 as and when it comes out. That would be my entertainment console. I hope google releases a 10 inch version soon.

  • fteoOpty64

    While a 10 inch panel is needed for the Nexus 10. Question is, will it come with a 1280 X 800 screen, or 1366 X 768 screen or 1290 X 1200 screen like in the Asus Pad Infinity and Acer T700 ?.

    I would hope they offer 12 models with one sporting 1366X768 and another with 1920X1200 at a price premium. Considering it is manufacturered by Asus, a hi-res screen is not that far-fetched if Google would not want to lag so much behind iPad3 for their 10inch model.
    $299 for 16GB 10incher and $429 for the h-res 10incher would be fair pricing. IF no SDcard slot, they would lose a lot of potential customers!. Or back camera for that matter.
    In fact having a 8MP camera that can rotate forwards and backwards would be way cool!. No one has done that on a tablet. The first 3G Ericsson handset had just such swivel camera.

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