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LG launch 3D TV and PC monitor all-in-one

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lg-3d-tv-monitor.jpgLG have today revealed a new line of TV's that can also be used as a computer monitor, offering picture-in-picture settings that let you watch Freeview broadcasts while working away on your desktop at the same time on a single screen.

The two displays, the LG DM2752 and M2752, are both 24-inches in size. The main differentiator is that the DM2752 also has 3D capabilities, letting the user don pair of shades to see 3D content both in TV mode and PC mode.
lg-3d-tv-monitor-2.pngEach screen houses two HDMI ports, allowing games consoles and Freeview boxes to be hooked up simultaneously, making use of In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels for improved colour accuracy and a wide 178-degree viewing angle.

While the LG M2752 is already available throughout Europe we're still waiting on UK pricing from LG. The LG DM2752 will follow soon after in July.

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  • Mary Web..

    lol "both 24" yet you find "
    Screen size (diagonal)27 inches

  • tedmathew90

    They should've made this monitor a small version of the LG's LM series. I really like their design and the frame but I can't afford it..

  • lol it's pretty cool but I myself already have a 3D TV from LG. I occasionally hook up my computer to it but it would save a lot of electricity bill if I just used this instead of my TV as a monitor.

  • They wrote this like it was some new type of thing. I had a 55inch LG 3D TV + a monitor LONG time ago and its superb!

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