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Kindle Colour launching by end of the year?

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kindle-colour.jpgIt's the rumour that just wont die, but the latest supply chain mutterings are again suggesting that Amazon are planning to launch a colour Kindle eReader before the end of the year.

And by colour eReader, we mean one with an E Ink screen, not an LCD like that already found in the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Not that you'd be able to find an Amazon Kindle Fire in the UK AT ALL, but you know what we mean...

So, it's the often dubious rumour mongers over at DigiTimes this time stating that the Amaon Kindle Colour is on its way, citing supply chain sources who are pinning a lunch sometime after the Autumn of this year. The eReader will, like the Kindle Touch, have a multi-touch capacitive screen, and should be easier on the eye for long reading sessions than its tablet cousins, though likely with colours considerably more muted.

While we're on the subject of Amazon devices, there's still no word on a UK launch for the Kindle Fire, while the Kindle Fire 2 is ready to ignite. Three different tablets are said to be coming from Jeff Bezos' stable, one either 8.9 or 10 inches in size, and two differing 7 inch models.

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  • Raham

    When are they going to make a real A4/Letter-oriented Gel Display´╗┐ screen of at least 11.5 inch diagonal.

    All I know is´╗┐ I AM GETTING ONE. Color - e ink - 1600x1200 resolution. YES finally can read magazines improves its resolution considerably and reading will not be a problem and the experience will be much richer.

    100 million colors of Trasparent layers of diffrent shapes of pixel overlaping each other for great quality and rich contrast of graphical real nature images.

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