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VIDEO: Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy app for the new iPad 3 hands-on preview

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Armed with a new A5X quad-core graphics chip and super-sharp high resolution Retina Display, the new iPad is looking even more an intimidating gaming machine than its already-impressive preprocessors.

This was no better displayed than with Namco's new flight-sim game, Sky Gamblers. The first of the next wave of super-HD iPad apps, the game pits you against waves of enemy jet fighters in bouts of touch-and-motion based dogfighting.

Sky Gamblers is massively impressive in motion; the screen is constantly filled with action, with tens of full 3D modelled fighters darting around the sky-high battlegrounds at once. Lighting effects such as lens-flare, reflective metallic surfaces and shimmering ocean waves look superb, genuinely pushing up towards what you'd usually expect from a home HD console.

It's exciting stuff, and if Apple can corner hardcore games developers just as well as they've previously courted the casual gaming teams, the new iPad may surprise even the most dedicated of console fans.

Scroll up for a video of Sky Gamblers in action at tonight's launch event.

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