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Amazon readying colour E Ink touchscreen Kindle?

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kindle-colour.jpgAmazon are preparing to launch a brand new Kindle model in 2012 according to a new report from DigiTimes, one that will feature a full colour E Ink touchscreen.

Unlike the Kindle Fire tablet, which runs Android under a glass touchscreen, the colour Kindle would use a similar technology to that already present in the regular Kindles, making it far more readable in direct sunlight.

According to the Chinese newspaper Economic Daily News, E Ink will be looking to ship three million colour displays a month once production begins.

Amazon have been rumoured to launch a colour Kindle for quite some time. It appeared that Qualcomm's Mirasol colour screen technology would take the contract, but it now appears as though Amazon are sticking with E Ink's efforts.

No news on when the colour touchscreen Kindles will arrive yet, but with the UK still holding out for the Kindle Fire tables, we expect it will be some time yet

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