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Apple patent shows potential 3D iPhone 5 UI

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Those looking for a glimpse at the future of Apple's products should take a look at this recently uncovered patent from the Cupertino team.

Describing a 3D UI, it would see Apple's touchscreen devices rendering 3D environments, using a "sensor based display environment" and readings from the gyroscope to detect hand-movements in front of the screen.

Basically, it means that you wouldn't necessarily have to touch the screen to interact with the smartphone. Instead, you'd be able to manipulate 3D shapes that would appear to hover outside of the phone.

While it's incredibly unlikely to make it into any iPad 3 or iPhone 5 device, it's a tantalising glimpse at what Apple are considering for iOS updates in the future. Let's hope the hardware needed to make these designs a reality land sooner rather than later!

Via: Patently Apple

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    thats stupid.

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