CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Best Xbox 360 games of 2011

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Christmas-xbox360-banner.jpgEvery cultural phenomenon has its “golden age” and this year Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console had its. Tons of great games were released this year, from Xbox exclusives like Gears of War 3 to multi-platform brain teasers like Portal 2. One of the busiest holiday seasons in the history of gaming saw a string of console-defining releases hit stores, meaning this run-down could easily have been twice as long.

Whether you’re a sports fan, a gun-toting Chuck Norris wannabe or a puzzle-solving genius, there’s a game for every gamer on the Xbox 360 this year. Below, Tech Digest run you through 10 of our favourite Xbox 360 titles of 2011.

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By Gerald Lynch | November 30th, 2011

  • Hottest Gifts for Christmas 2011

    Can’t wait for Batman Arkham City. I’ve heard that game will be one of the most incredible games we have seen thus far. A friend of mine said it was going to be an instant classic that we will compare other games to for a long time.

  • best Xbox 360 games

    It's a great idea to give this as a gift of christmas. I also like it to play. It's amazing.

  • best Xbox 360 games

    It’s a great idea to give this as a gift of christmas. I also like it to play. It’s amazing.