UK man first to be jailed for "trolling"

Gerald Lynch Internet, Tech Digest news 12 Comments

Sean Duffy of Reading, Berkshire has become the first man in the UK to be jailed for internet trolling.

Trolling, for those not familiar with the term, is the act of posting messages on social networking channels or emails to groups or individuals with the purpose of causing distress or inciting an angry response.

Basically, trolls are the anonymous bullies of the web.

Duffy was a particularly spiteful troll, targeting Facebook pages set up in rememberance of dead teenagers. Duffy in particular targeted the page dedicated to Natasha MacBryde, a 15 year old who took her own life by jumping in front of a train following a separate, unrelated spate of cyber-bullying. Duffy posted insults including calling MacBryde a “slut”, as well as creating an elaborate YouTube video that placed the teenager’s face onto a clip of kid’s TV show character Thomas the Tank Engine.

Duffy has been given an 18 week jail sentence. Needless to say, the internetz won’t miss him.

By Gerald Lynch | September 13th, 2011

  • /b/rother

    Truly, a hero and example for us all.

    A martyr in the /b/attle.

  • anon

    you good sir WIN

  • M. Otis

    /b/rother: You dumbass, he wasn’t anon. He was a useless sack of shit from Facebook. Honestly you /b/tards are illiterate as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, 4chan is always worse than this. But considering it was on Facebook, then that’s a damn big consequence.

  • CEman


    LURKERFAQS DOT COM <- illegal archive, mods don’t want you to see that, if you don’t believe it try to type it, it’s a censored word

  • the internetz

    you will be missed

  • success

    successful troll is successful

  • Karin Smithe

    Actually Duffy is NOT the first man to be jailed for trolling. The first was Colm Coss of Manchester who posted CP on RIP pages. Duffy and Coss are the first to feel the long arm of the law. Many more are to be arrested and prosecuted. Happy days ahead no more fat stupid twats on the www.

  • Karin Smithe

    I think what Duffy and Coss have highlighted is the fact I already knew. Trolls are fat, stupid piles of pig shite who have nothing better to do. The American/retard trolls constantly spew their pathetic crap about free speech. Free speech was NOT created so that a bunch of illiterate losers can post vile abuse to grieving families and CP. Get off your fat arses trolls, get off the dole and find jobs you worthless parasitic paedos.

  • Tablazines

    He should have received an asswhipping along with that jail time.

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