Just a few of the scary things Facebook keeps about your life forever

Gerald Lynch Facebook, Features, Tech Digest news 11 Comments

zuckerberg-small-faces.jpgIt’s been a busy few weeks for Facebook. Expanding upon the Open Graph model and introducing the site’s biggest profile change-up since its launch with the arrival of the Timeline, Zuckerberg and co. are looking to lock you into the walls of their social network for even more hours each day.

Sure the scrapbook-like Timeline looks cool, but would you be so keen to fill it out with all the details of your personal history if you knew the extent of what Facebook already knows about you? Things they store forever?

According to a report by Forbes, two anonymous European Facebook users asked for access to the database dumps of their Facebook profiles. One of them recieved a reply that ran 880 pages long.

Here’s what one of the anonymous pair, dubbed “LB” by Forbes, found Facebook to have on them:

- Records of all friend requests LB had rejected.

– Records of the friends LB had unfriended over the years.

– A list of all the PCs, mobile phones and other devices from which LB logged in to Facebook. They also tracked which other users had logged in using the same devices, which could be a sensitive issue if you’re spending time with folks that you perhaps shouldn’t be, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

- Records of more than 50 “pokes” since 2008, including most often by a friend named “T.V.”

- 75 event invites, and the 38 RSVPs sent with them.

- A history of messages and chats.

Scary huh? Still, grabbing a database dump could prove useful in filling out the many gaps in my Facebook Timeline. Zuckerberg knows more about me than I do!

By Gerald Lynch | September 29th, 2011

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