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Sony DSC-TX55 takes "world's thinnest" compact camera crown

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Sony have revealed the world's thinnest compact camera this morning. With a chassis measuring just 92.9mm x 54.4mm x 13.2mm, and at 12.2mm at its thinnest point, it'll slip as comfortably into your pocket as a silky smartphone.

And that's without losing all the great features you'd expect from a dedicated compact. You'll get 5x optical zoom, which can be boosted to 10x through Sony's Clear Image digital zoom, which they claim "boosts zoom range to 10x without any loss of quality at the image sensor's maximum resolution" (though we'd be a little skeptical about the quality of digital zooms in general).

A 3.3 inch OLED touchscreen on the back more or less does away with buttons, with all menu options and image tweaks such as Intelligent Sweep Panorama HR mode, 3D Sweep Panorama, 3D Still Image, and in-camera artistic treatments with Picture Effect all accessible through touch.

Continuing the diminuitve trend is storage. You'll need a microSD card rather than a standard SD for the DSC-TX55. Image resolution maxes out at 16.2 MP, with Full-HD AVCHD video capture too. In a nice touch, you can still snap 12-MP pictures whilst recording HD video.

Find this snapper in shops by September, with pricing yet to be revealed. Scroll down for some more pictures.

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