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Tokyo Flash reveal breathalyzer watch concept

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Tokyo Flash are back with another crazy watch idea to make your wrist-wear a talking piece as well as a time piece.

One for those who rightfully fear the dangers of drinking and driving, the watch comes equipped with a breathalyzer, relaying your blood alcohol levels on a touchscreen. Rather than using osmosis however, the watch has a fold out port to blow into which gauges how fit you are to drive.

It's just a concept for now so no word on when (or if, even) it will ever be released, but Tokyo Flash do have a good track record for turning their madcap designs into real-life products.

What they don't have a good track record for however is making watches that you can actually read the time on. Few people can ever make out the wacky watch faces, and God only knows who will be able to read one of them when they're pissed.

More info here.

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