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20 Fun Facts For Sonic The Hedgehog's 20th Birthday!

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sonic-20-birthday.jpegSonic The Hedgehog, the world's fastest (and only) red-sneaker-wearing, golden ring-stealing, electric-blue placental mammal turns 20 this week! Happy Birthday!

Leaving other platformers in his dust, Sonic was a speedy revelation when he first popped up on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis back on June 23rd 1991.

Though Sonic will eternally be 15 years old, Peter Pan-style, in real world terms he's left his teenage years behind him now. We take a look back at the Sonic series with these 20 little known, quick-fire facts on the world's most famous hedgehog.

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  • Gaynor

    Like sonic!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • ford

    I Love sonic he  cant run with out his sneaks or his feet will burn

  • Erica

    Cool! I love Sonic! He is da BEST!!!! :D Thanks for this website, I REALLY needed it 4 a BIG project!!!!!!!!

  • erftfger

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  • Erica

    What's enigma?

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