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CONCEPT VIDEO: Autoglass showcase the AR car windscreen of the future

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Augmented realiy features are quickly becoming widespread in smartphone technology, and are now even making their way into games consoles with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

It's an exciting area of growth for the tech industry, and even car tech manufacturers are looking to grab a slice of the AR pie. We've already seen a demo product from Pioneer at CES earlier in the year
which projected a HUD onto the inside of your windscreen, and now windscreen repair experts Autoglass are throwing their thoughts into the mix too. They've produced a video of how they expect an AR-capable windscreen in the year 2020 will look.

Dr Chris Davies, head of technical research & innovation at AutoglassĀ® said, "As well as accounting for up to 30% of a vehicle's structural strength, the windscreen has become an interactive tool for sharing information and improving the driver experience. Essentially the car is becoming more like a laptop and the windscreen will evolve into the virtual information screen."

Davies continued, "Augmented reality technology has been widely used in smartphones for more than 18 months. Manufacturers are already working on assistance technologies such as collision avoidance systems, lane departure systems and sign recognition. We believe that within 10 years car manufacturers will have completely revolutionised the function of the car windscreen."

"We're very in tune with technological innovation in the motoring industry, particularly around the role of the windscreen. Both glass and augmented reality technology are nearing a point where the windscreen can work harder to improve road safety, awareness and driving in general. The traditional dashboard will become obsolete," added Davies.

Click the video above to check out the Autoglass concept. We particularly like the plug near the end when the car windscreen is "compromised" and the intelligent motor rings Autoglass automatically!

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  • Auto glass store just through their promotion. But please keep in thoughts that just because someone is investing a lot of cash on promotion, it does not mean that they are the best. You want to discuss to as many stores as possible so that you have some negotiating energy if someone chooses to overcharge you. You'll also get a wise decision of how much the repair/replacement will price.

  • 2020 vision offers the best concept of future innovation and I honestly love it.

  • That was a very nice concept. But it would be great if it include features like viewing city map, traffic area and weather updates.

  • I like the concept, but doubt it will gain in popularity.

  • A cool concept, but if its that aware surely it can drive itself. Worryingly a little like a tourguide for your car, and also blatantly just autoglass looking for publicity...

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