Japan quake disaster may lead to iPad 2 supply problems

Gerald Lynch Apple, iPad, Tablet, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

iPad2-official-5.jpegThe ongoing problems following the massive earthquake that struck Japan last week may have an effect on iPad 2 supply issues, according to findings from the iSuppli team.

After a breakdown of the iPad 2’s components, they’ve found that 5 parts are sourced from Japan, including the DRAM, the compass, the touchscreen glass and the battery. As a result, further shipments of iPad 2s may be delayed while the Japanese infrastructure recovers from the catastrophic events.

Sure, it’s small fry compared to the problems being faced by those hit hardest by the Japanese disaster, but it just goes to show how many things can be unexpectedly affected by events of this magnitude.

By Gerald Lynch | March 18th, 2011

  • dareendlix Smith

    Giving ipad business ratio in above will be considered fair ipad production ratio.It means, I would say earthquake has left big impact on Japan economic.

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    Sure this is going to be one of many to suffer.

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    There are surely more important things to worry about. My wishes are with the people, not the ipad consumers.

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    It means that these price may rise due to their short supply!!