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Google Music cloud streaming tunes service now in testing

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Rumours are heating up concerning Google's long-awaited Google Music service. The cloud-streaming app has finally entered the testing stages, according to industry insiders.

Following an apparent leak at the XDA Developers forum last week, Google are believed to be in the final software testing phases of their iTunes rival, which is expected not only to offer digital downloads and track streaming, but also cloud storage for your entire library of digital tunes, putting all of your stored music into the cloud, ready to be accessed at any time.

If the whispers are true it'll be a massive boon for the record labels, who have seen the digital music scene stagnate since Apple's monopolisation of the area. Google, being as huge a company as they are, not only have the revenue and developing expertise to become a genuine competitor, but also the combination of software and hardware in Android phones to fight against the iPhone and iPod tag team.

However, that cloud storage model is proving a stumbling block. No other service has given users such a feature, and so it's uncharted territory for the record labels, who a are wary to sign over their catalogue to an unproven model.

Via: Gizmodo / CNet

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