Justin Bieber dominance strengthens as Bieberhead app lets us put his head on any picture (yes really)

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This one may well be the freakiest one yet – I mean, is there anything more scary than Justin Bieber?

It started out sort of cute, with this fluffy little thing bopping around singing. But ever since that Rolling Stones interview where he started spouting right-wing opinions – surely it’s not cute anymore?

But there are people who beg to differ – and for those there’s the Bieberhead 1.0 app. This will let you put the head of the little popstrel on any picture. The app is simple to use: choose among available Bieberheads (yes there are several), place it on your photo, and voila. You can then post it on social media sites if you want to be really mean about it. One of the heads sing, apparently, and one even has a bow tie.

The Bieberhead 1.0 comes from Undaunted Apps. Following Bieber’s new haircut, which may well be as famous as he is by now following all the press coverage, Undaunted has promised free updates with the new haircuts. Phew.

Available for iPhone and iPod Touch – priced at 99 cents at the App Store.

By ShinyJess | February 24th, 2011

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