Good broadband connection is so important it drives up house prices, survey finds

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A good internet connection is becoming so important to us that we are becoming willing to pay more for a house with a great connection, according to a study.

69% of respondents said they would be put off from buying a house if it lacked a fast broadband connection, according to, which spoke to 733 UK residents. Half would pay more for a house with faster connectivity than the home they currently own.

Broadband is now “critically important” to their home lives, 74% of respondents said, with only 2% claiming it was “not important” at all.

According to telecoms regulator Ofcom’s data as of May 2010, the average broadband download speed in the UK is 5.2 megabytes per second. Yet in’s poll, only 37% of people described their broadband performance as “good”.

(via Silicon Republic)

By ShinyJess | February 14th, 2011

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    Yes, I personally can’t live without a good broadband connection. It would be a great nightmare without this internet connection.

  • D

    5.2 Megabytes per second average?

    Try Megabits per second. 5.2 Megabytes per second would be 40 Megabits per second (Fibre Optic speeds).

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    Makes sense, why put Fiber optic cables in bad areas where the communities are poorly maintained

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