Want your boss to buy you an iPad? Better start working in finance…

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iPad running Safari
While it’s pretty widely accepted that the iPad isn’t the most ideal device for doing work on, dont tell the bigwigs over in the financial services: if you’re working in that particular job sector, you’re more likely than anyone else to be given a free iPad for working on by your boss than anyone else.

A new survey of over 4,000 enterprise customers carried out by Good Technology shows that almost 37% of financial services firms had handed out between one and 1,000 iPads to their employees, compared to 11.4% of IT firms, 10.5% of healthcare organizations and 8.8% legal firms.

“We believe these industries are embracing the iPad because its unique design makes it easier to perform time-sensitive, mission-critical tasks,” said John Herrema, Good Technology’s senior vice president of corporate strategy.

It may not have multi-tasking or print capabilities (yet!), but the figures speak for themselves: enterprise companies are starting to take the iPad seriously as a work tool. If you’re jammy enough to bag yourself a free one, just make sure the boss doesn’t catch you ploughing through a session of Angry Birds and you should be fine.

Now where’s my boss’ phone number…

Via: Enterprise Mobile Today

By Gerald Lynch | November 16th, 2010