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Top 10 Gaming Chairs for the super-geeky

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Winter shadows loom, the nights are drawing in, Christmas is just around the corner and you've got a brand new copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops waiting to be fired up.

Beer in one hand, can of Pringles in the other, with your trusty control pad sitting in your lap, waiting to be caressed, there's only one thing missing from this geek idyll: the ultimate gaming chair!

What's the point in pulling off a killer headshot if you wake up the next day with a bad case dead-bum or spine-freeze? The solution to all your lethargy-induced woes? Tech Digest's run down of the top 10 gaming chairs!

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  • polloshermanos

    There are newer models out from X-Rocker, such as the X-Rocker Pro H3 Gaming Chair ( ). Great chair, super comfortable.

  • gamer456262

    Not featured here but just brought the X-Rocker Senior 2.1 Gamebag for about £34 from BoysStuff and works fine as I couldn't really afford to spend big money on one. Really good for the price too.

  • kingy4444445555

    is the chair good

  • Nice post. It’s really something unique from others. I
    like this post. Keep it up.

  • Gamer123

    what a load of rubbish.  A clear poor quality bit of link building content for Argos.. what a waste of time this article is!!

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