Bookeen Cybook Orizon multi-touch e-reader now on sale

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Bookeen have just launched a brand new e-reader device with which to get your Dickens-to-Descartes fix with called the Cybook Orizon. But what (apart from it’s mad sci-fi sounding name) sets it apart from the competition?

Well for starters, it’s packing in a multi-touch capable screen, equipped with a non-glare finish to make it easy on the eye during long reading sessions. Though we’ve yet to seen it in action, we’re told that the Wi-Fi equipped Cybook Orizon also has a full web-browser built in, which, when combined with the multi-touch screen controls, could give it an edge.

Pinch to zoom and page turn controls also benefit from the touch screen, with an intuitive font resizing function included. Formt support includes Adobe ePUB/PDF (with or without DRM), TXT and HTML files as well as grayscale JPEG, GIF and PNG images.

Size wise it’s nifty too, weighing just 245 grams and just 7.6mm at its thickest point, which Booken claim makes it the thinnest e-reader in the world.

Available in black or white, you can pick one up now for £189.99. Click here for more details.

By Gerald Lynch | November 17th, 2010