REVIEW: Hercules MK4 DJ Console

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    Beautiful! A friend of mine will love it, he loves mixing music!

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    Pretty awesome

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  • Ryan

    definitly starting to step it up!

  • Mad Max

    Well, I have one of these, but there is a HUGE issue with this controller that the review does not address and potential buyers should know:
    I am running the MK4 with Traktor and ASIO drivers at 10ms latency but there is a 3-500 millisecond latency issue between the monitor and output channel, put simply, if you beatmatch using your ears then you will be 1 – 2 beats off when you ‘bring’ in the beatmatched track, therefore it is NOT POSSIBLE to use the monitor channel and headphones to beatmatch a track rendering this controller essentially useless.

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    What DJ wants to spend the whole night searching boxes of records or rows of Cd’s in order to find that one requested song that you know you have, but seems to have disappeared. Multiply that by 20 or 30 times a night along with searching Individual albums or CD jackets for songs to keep the dance floor packed and you have a night of frustration along with the fact that your not spending your time Interacting with the audience and dancers. If this reminds you of your DJ gigs then read on because there is a better way.

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    Early in my career I dealt with 45’s and albums. Crates upon Crates of discs that I lugged to and from the van. Most of the albums had only one song on it that I would be using. Many discs I had not used for months. You have got to have them all because after all, tonight might be the night that somebody requests that one song on that long forgotten disc. I have backaches to this day just thinking about it.

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