iPADock is the most awesome, slightly ridiculous iPad / iPhone dock yet

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There are iPad docks, and then there are iPad docks. The iPADock almost certainly falls into the later category, with more features than you can shake an iPod at.

Capable of charging combinations of two iPads, an iPad and two iPhones or four iPhones all at once, it’s a one stop power solution for your Apple products, providing you’re in a household that just so happens to have a pair of £600-odd tablets lying around. It’ll also work with iPod Touch and Nano devices, providing you have a Universal Dock Adaptor, that is pretty much the only thing not included in this package.

The dock also features seven USB ports (four for power only however) to hook up to a PC or Mac, two slots for Apple’s Camera Connection Kit and ports for SD, SDHC, SDXC and Compact Flash memory cards among others.

Right now it’s only available in Japan from Photofast. At around £45 it’s far cheaper than docks half as capable too.

Roll down for some more images of this monster dock.

Via: Gizmag / Pocket-Lint

By Gerald Lynch | August 18th, 2010

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