Sharp to develop e-readers

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sharp logo 2a.jpgSharp Corporation, perhaps best known for their HD TVs and pioneering AQUOS quad-pixel LCD tech, have announced that they are to begin work on e-reader hardware and a distribution platform for ebooks.

Though still very much in the early development stages, Sharp promise that their e-reader will have audio and video capabilities.

Sharp already claim to have the backing of various Japanese and overseas publishers in regards to the content distribution platform they have planned, an important step if they are to take on the market leading Amazon Kindle and iPad.

However, in the wake of the popularity of the iPad, many see the position of a dedicated e-reader as somewhat untenable at the moment. Much of the hardware, such as the Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook still have a high price tag attached, but offer little of the advanced functionality that Apple’s tablet includes for just a little extra cash.

Sharp will have to do something quite special to stand out from the crowd. An e-reader with web connection and a browser on a colour screen perhaps?

Via: Reuters

By Gerald Lynch | July 20th, 2010

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